Eating silver needles from fresh strawberries Look at the metal detector to protect food safety

Eating silver needles from fresh strawberries Look at the metal detector to protect food safety


Eating silver needles from fresh strawberries Look at the metal detector to protect food safety

Among all foods, fresh fruits are the most reassuring. In addition to worrying about pesticide residues on the epidermis, they need to be carefully cleaned. Fresh fruits have not been processed by hand and people usually think that they can be eaten with closed eyes. But recently, in Australia, more than a dozen fresh strawberries were "processed" and stuffed with tiny needles in less than ten days. Some people experienced severe abdominal pain after ingesting because they had not noticed. Faced with this phenomenon, Australian authorities recommend eating chopped strawberries.

In my opinion, consuming chopped strawberries is not a fundamental solution. In the case of strawberry needle hiding in Australia, strawberry is not the only fresh fruit with needle hidden. There are also rumors that bananas in some areas have also encountered needle hidden. People can't cut the fruit all the way before eating it fresh. Guide manufacturers, fruit shops, etc. to purchase metal detectors machines, and to re-sell fruit products with Metal Detection in order to eliminate the risk of needles at the production end and protect consumers' food safety.

   metal detectors machine, as a device that can detect metal foreign bodies in bulk and packaged food, has become a sharp tool for removing metal foreign bodies in food. For this reason, metal detectors have developed a variety of categories to adapt to different food production situations. From the food transportation form, it can be divided into belt conveyor type metal detection equipment, chain plate conveyor type metal detection equipment, gravity drop type metal detection equipment, pump pressure pipeline type metal detection equipment, etc. From the perspective of detection methods, it can be divided into all-digital metal foreign body detectors, handheld metal detection equipment, digital smart metal detectors, and so on. To

  Metal detectors machine was mostly used in food companies in the past. Although there is no malicious phenomenon of adding needles to food, the current food production mostly uses food machinery and equipment for production. Food machinery and equipment may drop metal parts and mix into food due to long-term use and improper maintenance. It is also possible that the operation of some food factories is not standardized enough, and the metal jewelry worn by the production workers and the metal objects carried by the production workers stray into the production line. In view of the emergence of the above situation, various metals such as broken needles, iron wire, lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel may be mixed in food, the existence of metal detectors machine is extremely necessary. To

   Under the tuyere of intelligent manufacturing, some metal detectors machines have been intelligentized. For example, the high-precision digital smart metal detectors machine produced by a manufacturer of detection equipment in Dongguan has introduced German digital smart technology, which enables the equipment to have an automatic learning function and improve detection accuracy. The equipment contains more than 200 kinds of product storage, which reserves time for flexible production of enterprises. According to the person in charge of the company, in the actual purchase process, the conveyor system and the automatic rejection device can be customized according to the characteristics of the existing food production line, and the production line can be effectively docked. To

  In the process of detecting metal foreign bodies in bulk food, there will be a product effect. That is, the moisture, salt, temperature, and composition of bulk food have a certain impact on the accuracy of the metal detector. For example, food with too high water content has strong electrical conductivity. After multiple detections, the coil current of the metal detection device is affected, and the detection sensitivity is therefore reduced. Therefore, traditional metal detection equipment needs to continuously debug the equipment for the detection of this kind of bulk food, and the intelligent metal detector has an automatic learning function, which can make certain improvements to the subtle changes. To

   For packaged food, today's food packaging is diverse, and there are some foods sealed with aluminum foil. As we mentioned above, metals such as aluminum foil are also within the detection range of ordinary metal detection equipment. For this kind of special metal-packaged food, some companies have developed corresponding metal detection equipment that can shield aluminum foil metal and effectively detect metal materials such as iron and stainless steel commonly used in food machinery and equipment. In addition, the variety of food temperatures requires metal detection equipment to be able to adapt to diversified detection environments. Some companies have increased the noise resistance of the metal detection equipment shell to promote the equipment to adapt to environmental temperature changes.

  Whether it is eating malicious objects such as needles from fruits, or finding metal foreign bodies in food, consumers can immediately reduce the sense of food brands and even food categories. In order to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena, strengthening production management and adding testing equipment to ensure protection are excellent means to maintain the credibility of related foods in the minds of consumers. For metal foreign bodies in food, metal detection equipment, as a wall of food safety, needs to be continuously developed in the direction of higher accuracy, faster speed, and more intelligence.