Features and benefits of metal detectors

Features and benefits of metal detectors


Features and benefits of metal detectors

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, safety awareness has become stronger and stronger, so our company's safety production control is becoming more and more strict. Let's talk about the characteristics of Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors are mainly reflected in the following aspects. Let's take a look at the detailed situation and understand the different aspects of the relevant features. First, its main internal components are made of the control and sensing system imported from Germany, so it can give full play to its performance when in use, and it can be detected more accurately when in use. In this way, it will be better to ensure its stability when measuring, and we can also resist external interference, so that it will be safer for detection. Second, we can store some data according to its effects and characteristics, and can store some data in the disk. Therefore, if there is a problem in future use, we can solve the problem according to the requirements. This is also very important. Little work. Third, it adopts intelligent recognition technology so that relevant data can be automatically recorded.

The metal detectors machine can be widely used in the detection of metal foreign bodies in products in the pharmaceutical, food, plastic, chemical and other industries. It can detect and separate magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities (screen wire, metal shavings, welding slag, screws, etc.) to help your business To improve the qualification rate of products and prevent the harm of bad products to the health of consumers, the equipment also has the following characteristics:

   1. With learning function and product effect suppression function, it can adapt to the detection of different products

  2, 200 kinds of product storage function, can quickly change product parameters

  3. The metal material of the shell and the part directly contacting the product is made of food grade stainless steel

   4. Avoid product accumulation, blockage and mold

  5. Fast removal through the removal system can reduce material loss and will not interfere with the normal production process

  6. ​​The frame structure is suitable for partial cleaning of the body, compact structure and easy to install

  7, a variety of calibers are available, the model meets all practical applications


Metal detectors machines are used more and more widely in enterprises, thanks to their strong detection performance and good cost performance, helping enterprises reduce the impact of defective products.