How can metal detectors perform more accurate detection?

How can metal detectors perform more accurate detection?


How can metal detectors perform more accurate detection?

For products in many industries, the accuracy of Metal Detection has an important impact on quality assurance, but the accuracy of metal detectors machine equipment is affected by many factors. How can metal detectors machine perform more accurate detection?

1. Change the frequency

Since different products produce different product benefits, if the same frequency is used for inspection at this time, it is easy to detect errors. Therefore, for some products such as meat, cheese, and seafood, the frequency of the equipment should be adjusted accordingly, otherwise the equipment is prone to false alarms. According to different product characteristics, targeted adjustments can bring more accurate detection!

2. Multi-frequency feature recognition

SYNDAR’s metal detectors machine are currently equipped with a variety of frequencies. Using two or more frequencies for operation can achieve a certain effect and improve the detection sensitivity of metals. This method is a compromise solution, but for stainless steel Limited improvement in detection!

Three, the recognition of characteristics

You can also use the feature recognition function of the equipment on the product effect, and select the intelligent identification method to distinguish the difference between the metal and the product effect. The improvement of the operation function of the metal detectors machine can generally achieve good detection functions, but the detection requirements for aluminum foil packaging products are particularly Customized, currently SYNDAR can provide aluminum foil type metal detectors machine equipment!

The above are several methods of metal detectors machine for more accurate detection. Of course, the detection accuracy has a lot to do with the detection equipment. SYNDAR is currently able to provide high-precision metal detectors machine equipment for different industries to ensure product quality convoy!