Introduction and application of SYNDAR food metal detector

Introduction and application of SYNDAR food metal detector


Introduction and application of SYNDAR food metal detector

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for food no longer stay in full, but pay more attention to whether the food is safe and healthy. Food companies, supermarkets, and food markets have all strengthened food metal detectors, using various intelligent detection equipment to protect food safety.

SYNDAR digital intelligent metal detector machine is a new generation of intelligent detector machine developed by independent digital technology. The equipment adopts the balanced principle, through the integration of DSP and single-chip microcomputer, it realizes the fully digital and intelligent metal detection technology. The operation and use are highly intelligent, the performance is excellent, and it is simple and easy to use, which greatly improves the production efficiency; at the same time, the The equipment also adopts many new technologies and methods such as phase adjustment, which effectively solves common problems such as "product effects".

One. Application scope of metal detector machine:

This equipment can be widely used in many industries and fields such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and clothing, toys, etc. It is the first choice for HACCP certification in the food industry and GMP certification in the pharmaceutical industry. It is especially suitable for sauces, sausages, water hinges, Ham, soup, sugar products, preserved food, fresh meat, frozen food, salted food, fast food and other industries with high detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability and waterproof requirements, can be used to detect inclusion or loss Broken needles, iron wires or lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metals in food, raw materials or products.

two. Performance characteristics of metal detector machine:

1. Using balanced principle, more stable and reliable, and better performance;

2. Phase adjustment technology enables product adjustment and effectively suppresses product effects;

3. The combination of DSP and single-chip microcomputer performs data sampling and data processing on the detection signal, which improves the detection effect;

4. The direct digital frequency generator generates a sine wave whose frequency, phase and amplitude can be adjusted, which changes the difficult adjustment and coordination conditions of analog circuit parameters, and can easily adjust various parameters such as sensitivity;

5. Large liquid crystal display panel, Chinese and English operation menus, users can choose according to their needs, and have a good man-machine dialogue interface;

6. It has a one-key product feature self-learning function, can intelligently and fully automatically learn and memorize product features, without manual adjustment of parameters, and simple operation;

7. It has 100 kinds of product parameter memory function, which can store 100 kinds of product detection parameters, no need to adjust again after setting once, just call it when the product is tested;

8. Various conveying systems and rejection devices can be designed and customized according to the characteristics of the production line, which can be effectively connected with the production line to improve production efficiency.