Know food metal detector

Know food metal detector


Know food metal detector

The metal detectors machine has a self-learning function and can detect frozen foods (such as dumplings, frozen fish), meat, rice, pickled products, etc.; the metal detectors machine has a memory function and can store the detection parameters of more than 50 products; The detachable frame is convenient for users to clean; the special design of the conveyor belt prevents the conveyor belt from deviation;

   High performance-to-price ratio, the price is very attractive; all stainless steel production, the whole machine has excellent waterproof performance.

   1. It adopts dual-channel signal detection circuit combination technology, which has high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability.

   2. With dual signal display function. When a metal object passes through, the signal level indicator light of the metal detectors machine will display different induction intensity according to the size of the metal.

   3. The signal processing is completed by digital circuits, which is simple to adjust, stable and reliable.

4. It has a product effect adjustment function, such as wet products, sugary products, and salty foods, which will produce metal-like signals to the metal detector. This effect will affect the detection effect, and this function can reduce the product effect , To achieve better detection results.

   5. With anti-leak detection function. When multiple metal signals pass, the metal detectors machine will automatically detect the number of signals, and the actuator will not be missed when it moves.

  6. ​​When no detected object passes, the instrument is in sleep mode, and the detection is effective only when the object passes.