Market demand analysis of metal separator

Market demand analysis of metal separator


Market demand analysis of metal separator

When most manufacturers purchase metal separators, they will first analyze the market demand of their products. So what are the results of the analysis?

1. The technical level requirements of the products used in the industry

At present, the needs of users in the industry are mainly metal separators, and the demand for screening equipment is rising rapidly. In 2013, the service life of the air separation type required by users will gradually reach 25-30 years, and it will have an overload capacity of more than 6 times.


2. Demand structure of each major industry

The application of metal separators is extremely wide. The plastic industry is the largest user of metal separator products. The products used cover all 13 types of metal separators, especially the end users of filters, filters and other products. Almost 100% is the plastic industry.


3. Demand characteristics

In recent years, the overall market demand for chemical equipment products has maintained a growing trend. Since the reform and opening up, the country has adopted the policy of further increasing the construction of infrastructure, expanding domestic demand and stimulating economic growth, and large-scale investment in the construction and transformation of the plastic industry, which has brought rare opportunities to the metal separator industry. The annual increase in demand for metal separator products is 3-5 percentage points.