Metal detection becomes the inevitable development of pharmaceutical factories in the future. Metal detection machines will have a bright future

Metal detection becomes the inevitable development of pharmaceutical factories in the future. Metal detection machines will have a bright future


Metal detection becomes the inevitable development of pharmaceutical factories in the future. Metal detection machines will have a bright future

During the production and processing of medicines, metal powders, particles, and needle-like irregularities are often mixed into the product due to equipment wear and manual negligence. The mixing of these metals in the medicines will bring great harm to the safety of the medicines. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the Metal Detection of the pharmaceutical factories to prevent the existence of metal foreign bodies in the medicines. Among them, metal detectors machine play a pivotal role in the process of drug metal detection.


It is understood that in the pharmaceutical process, many small details will bring metal risks to the drugs, such as mixing in raw materials; metal wires, metal shavings, and wire ends falling from equipment maintenance; metal impurities falling from operators Such as the wear or lack of equipment caused by the production equipment, these will bring metal to the pharmaceutical manufacturing, so strengthening the metal detection of the pharmaceutical factory is an indispensable link.


   The author has learned that in some developed countries, 100% of pharmaceutical factories are using metal detectors machines to ensure that metal pollution no longer exists. Using metal detectors machine can not only prove that the medicine is free of metal contamination, but more importantly, it can ensure production safety. And through years of development, metal detectors machine has undergone several generations of detection technology changes, from the initial signal simulation technology to continuous wave technology to the digital pulse technology used today, the simple magnetic field cutting principle of metal detectors has been introduced into a variety of sciences Technical achievements. There is a qualitative leap in sensitivity, resolution, detection accuracy and performance.


  Pharmaceuticals are very special products. The industry and the country have high quality requirements for medicines. Among them, no metal pollution is a very important one. Metal pollution is related to the health and even life safety of patients. In order to meet relevant industry and national regulations, pharmaceutical companies need to adopt advanced and reliable metal detection technology to ensure the safety of the production process.


   With the continuous development of technology, metal detectors are becoming more and more advanced. For example, the electric induction automatic conveying all-metal detector adopts the principle of inductive coil balance, which is more stable and reliable, and has better performance; adopts phase adjustment technology, which can adjust the product and effectively suppress the product effect; adopts DSP digital signal processing and single-chip signal detection The algorithm combination method improves the detection accuracy and machine stability; it has the product self-learning function, and the detection range of materials is expanded; when a metal foreign body is detected, it will automatically stop and send out an audible and visual alarm signal or connect various rejects The device automatically rejects defective products; the external rejection signal interface is reserved, and a variety of elimination methods can be selected to adapt to different products.


It is understood that metal detectors machine also requires that the product packaging does not contain metal, but many manufacturers take into account that the packaging has higher requirements for tightness and light-proof properties, and use metal composite film for packaging, and the metal composite film itself is metal, so Manufacturers can only choose to test before packaging. The free-fall gold inspection machine was developed in response to the above situation. It is mainly used for the detection of flakes, capsules, granular and powdery items. When these items fall in large quantities through the free-fall gold inspection machine, it will use itself Equipped with a quick-start electromagnetic driven lifting plate rejection device, which can reliably separate contaminated products. This model has the characteristics of simple installation, high sensitivity, convenient maintenance, and high efficiency.


   In addition, some liquid and viscous products (such as some oral liquids and health products) can be tested after the canning can be detected by using the Pipe metal detector, which can eliminate metal impurities online and ensure that these products are safe to leave the factory.


   Metal Detection is the future development trend and the inevitable development of pharmaceutical companies in the future. In recent years, due to the increasing awareness of product quality among end-user companies, GMP certification in the pharmaceutical industry has become increasingly stringent, and pharmaceutical companies have paid more and more attention to metal contamination detection. With the continuous introduction of national policies and the improvement of people's requirements for drug quality, metal detectors will usher in new development opportunities and will play an important role in the process of Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors. In order to allow metal detectors to play a greater role and better ensure drug safety, relevant companies are also constantly innovating and strengthening technological improvements, pushing metal detectors to be more accurate and more comprehensive, so as to ensure that products are free of metal pollution and are used for drugs. Provide reliable quality assurance.