Metal detector detection operation process

Metal detector detection operation process


Metal detector detection operation process

Metal detectors machine detection operation process

1. Ensure that the metal detectors machine is stable and reliable.

2. Ensure that there are no metal objects near the exploration head and no debris above the exploration head.

3. Ensure that there is no debris in the exploration hole.

4. Ensure that the power cord touches firmly and is well grounded.

5. Ensure that there is no disturbance source around the metal detectors machine.

6. Register the main power switch. At this time, the machine starts to actively balance calibration and self-check. The two rows of indicators light up, and then gradually calm down, and the working status light is on.

7. When the signal indicators of the two channels are not more than 2-3 green lights flashing, the detection can be started.

8. Select the serial number of the product (the value of "commodity selection" recorded when debugging the product material effect).

9. Lightly press the "Start" button, the conveyor belt starts to work, and the test block is placed on the belt to check the sensitivity and acknowledge that the machine works well.

10. The goods to be tested are lightly placed on the conveyor belt for testing.

11. Re-recognize the detection sensitivity and ensure that the practical detection sensitivity can meet the practical needs.

12. Start flow testing.