Metal detector for food safety

Metal detector for food safety


Metal detector for food safety

The efficient and stable metal detectors machine becomes a barrier for food containing metal impurities to flow to the market, which effectively guarantees the safety and sanitation of food.

   A branded biscuit company under a world-renowned food group has developed and produced a variety of biscuits with different flavors according to the different needs of consumers of different ages and levels, and new products are emerging in endlessly. However, during the production process, there may be metal substances in the raw materials of the biscuits, and the wear of the machine may also cause the biscuits to contain metal impurities. In order to ensure the safety of the product, the company needs to rely on the means to improve the acceptability of the product and minimize the production loss. Packaging testing equipment.

   strictly control the quality

   There are 4 biscuit production lines in the company, each of which is equipped with metal detectors machines before and after the packaging machine. The person in charge of the company’s engineering department said: “In the process from production to packaging, we installed metal detectors. After packaging, we use metal detectors machine. The metal detectors machine installed before packaging is to detect whether there is metal inside the biscuits. The packaged metal detectors machine is to prevent the parts on the packaging machine from falling into the packaging bag."

Because there are many types of biscuit products, and each production line can produce 1.2-1.5 tons of biscuit per hour, quick change of production line has become a compulsory course in production. The metal detectors machine all have a self-learning function, that is, when a new product passes the detector, the device will automatically record the product information. Through this information, the status of the product and the signal of the product can be known, and then the settings can be adjusted. To achieve the best stability of the detection process. The entire process only takes tens of seconds, which not only reduces the production line changeover time, but also saves workers worries.

   Work closely with the production line

In order to ensure that the biscuits produced meet the hygiene requirements, we have a GMP personal specification for workers here. We have made detailed regulations on work clothes and personal hygiene. At the same time, we have also formulated regulations on production, construction, and operation. Series of rules and regulations

On a huge baking production line, it only takes a few minutes to bake raw materials into biscuits. On the 1.5-meter-wide baking transmission line, the formed biscuits move to the packaging production line in an orderly manner. The metal detectors machine adopting telescopic transmission system is installed between the baking line and the packaging production line. A row of biscuits pass through the detector channel. When the biscuits contain metal impurities, the roller under the conveyor belt retracts. The problematic biscuits fall off the transmission line, and the others continue to be sent to the packaging production line by the conveyor belt. When the quantitative biscuits enter the forming/filling/sealing machine, the film rolls with patterns will enter the packaging machine through the action of several tension rollers. At this time, the Markem 9840 ink-wheel contact coding machine installed on the packaging machine will The production date etc. are printed on the film. A metal detector is installed at the exit of the packaging machine, and the packaging with metal impurities is removed from the transmission line by means of a blow-out method. All the biscuits or packages that are rejected are sent to the quality inspection department for re-examination to further confirm whether they contain metal, and if so, continue to find out the cause. "Different types of metal will give the corresponding vector signal to the metal detector. The biscuit packaging uses aluminized film packaging, which has a metal signal. Therefore, the detector needs to shield the aluminized signal while ensuring its own Sensitivity. When detecting this type of packaging, as long as the phase angle signal of the metal detector is adjusted to be similar to or coincide with the phase angle of the aluminum-plated material, the product itself can be shielded, and the detection of other metals by the metal detector will not be affected. The DSP3 of electronic signal processing technology can accomplish this task well. Finally, pack the biscuits individually packaged or four in a bag or eight in a box.