Operation method and characteristics of portable X-ray machine

Operation method and characteristics of portable X-ray machine


Operation method and characteristics of portable X-ray machine

The portable X-ray machine perspective instrument is a new generation of orthopedic X-ray machine detection equipment developed and produced by our company. It uses a flat-panel image intensifier and a built-in high-pressure generator. Because the flat-panel image intensifier has fast response and high sensitivity Therefore, the dosage of the optical machine is very low, which ensures the safety of the operator and the patient at the same time.

The portable X-ray machine has the following characteristics:

1. Directly observe in real time without using a darkroom or protection;

2. High gain, high sensitivity, high spatial resolution and easy operation.

3. The light machine has the lowest dose, is safe and reliable, has a simplified structure, is small in size, and light in weight. It can be used in both portable and desktop applications.

4. Can be connected to video and computer systems according to user requirements.

How to use the portable X-ray machine

1. Before use, first check whether the appearance of the instrument case is damaged during transportation. Open the box and check whether the host has any signs of collision damage. Then take out the main unit, align the three notches of the cover disc with the three screws on the front of the display screen and push in, and rotate the cover to fix the disc.

2. Turn on the power of the whole machine, the switch power indicator light is on, and the digital display head of the host is on. Press the self-locking start button, the digital display shows the anode voltage or anode voltage of the X-ray tube, indicating that the instrument is working normally. At this time, the phosphor screen is yellow-green, and the object to be measured is placed between the X-ray tube and the image intensifier. (The object is as close as possible to the image intensifier), you can see the perspective image of the measured object on the fluorescent screen, adjust the current on the digital display panel, and the voltage adjustable knob until the image clarity is satisfied. Under the premise of ensuring clear images, low current should be used for fluoroscopy as much as possible.

3. When the self-locking start button is pressed by hand, the X-ray tube emits rays, and there is a work indicator on the digital display panel. Press the self-locking start button again or the time is up, the portable X-ray tube will stop working.

4. The instrument should be used intermittently. If the continuous working time is too long and exceeds the effective working temperature range of the machine, the machine can automatically shut down. At this time, the over-temperature indicator on the digital display board is on, and it needs to be stopped for a while and the temperature drops before it can resume work. , The downtime depends on the ambient temperature.