Plastic metal separator escort plastic machinery

Plastic metal separator escort plastic machinery


Plastic metal separator escort plastic machinery

With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of national laws and regulations, consumers' expectations and requirements for products have become higher and higher, and they have a high degree of discrimination when choosing products. The increasing demands and discrimination of consumers, coupled with the trend of protecting consumers and protecting consumer rights, have led to the promulgation of many new laws and regulations. These all reflect that the manufacturer must strictly control the quality in every production link. If its products contain metal contaminants, it will cause unpredictable losses to manufacturers.

Even with the most sophisticated production lines, metal contamination in the production process of products will still exist, because as long as the product comes into contact with metal, it may be mixed with metal impurities. Metal impurities exist in every link of our production, such as the raw materials of plastic particles in the plastic injection industry. If they are not discovered in time, they may cause serious damage to the injection molding machine, cause damage to expensive equipment, stop production and other huge losses; The metal separator can effectively remove the metal impurities mixed in various production links, so as to protect the normal operation of related equipment, avoid loss of production shutdown, ensure product quality, and avoid customer complaints.

A small piece of metal mixed in the material will also cause serious wear, blockage or even damage to your expensive production equipment (injection molding machine, extruder, mold or cutting tool) (such as: scratching the cylinder, damaging the screw, and scratching Product, pipeline blockage, damage to molds, blades, rollers, fixture polishing and calendering systems, etc.). Under normal circumstances, in addition to very expensive maintenance costs, there are also huge economic losses caused by shutdowns, which will greatly increase your production costs. How can you protect your equipment and ensure the smooth progress of your production?

Plastic metal separator is your most correct choice.

The plastic metal separator can help you achieve this goal-to ensure that metal impurities that may cause damage to your equipment are completely eliminated before entering the subsequent equipment.

The plastic metal separator is mainly suitable for the detection and removal of metal impurities of granular materials in a free-falling state, and is mainly used in plastic chemical and other similar industries. .

The device can detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities (iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), even if the metal impurities are wrapped in the product particles, the device can accurately detect and remove the metal impurities through the elimination unit.

Plastic metal separators have now become an essential part of many production lines in the world. The role of the plastic metal separator is to perform sensitive and reliable detection and elimination of contaminated metal impurities, thereby improving product quality and avoiding customer complaints and product recalls.


Composition of plastic metal separator

The plastic metal separator is composed of metal detection and separation devices, which are controlled by the control system.