Practical functional technology for x-ray foreign body detector

Practical functional technology for x-ray foreign body detector


Practical functional technology for x-ray foreign body detector

The x ray inspection equipment series products have repeatedly set new high market shares with their reliable performance and excellent inspection results. As a high-tech product, due to the influence of the operator's experience, it is inevitable that some minor problems sometimes occur. In order to enable customers to have a certain degree of self-inspection ability on equipment, as well as the ability to solve some common problems, and to better serve customers, the technical center has carefully compiled a set of x ray inspection equipment series product operation guides. You share now.

X-ray foreign body detectors are often used in the food industry to detect metal and non-metal foreign bodies with high density, referred to as x ray food inspection, which is suitable for detecting various packaged foods. Different X-ray foreign body detectors have different parameters, but there are some basic parameters that can be used in common. Let's briefly introduce them.

X ray inspection equipment has various types of machines, which can measure metals, glass, stones, bones, ceramics, hard rubber, hard plastics, etc. The metals include lead, stainless steel, copper, iron, etc. The detection accuracy of the X-ray foreign body detector is 1 mm and less. The largest size of the foreign body detected is 18 cm in length and 28 cm in width, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 10 kg. And the linear scanning used by x ray inspection equipment, dual-light source contrast detection, can be operated very conveniently through the large touch screen. X ray inspection equipment can automatically control the temperature, which is more intelligent and can be used in a normal temperature environment.

In addition, the X-ray foreign body detector also has functions such as multi-point omission detection, shielded segment detection, liquid level detection, high-speed rejection detection, remote control, and comprehensive real-time management. It is suitable for the detection of metal cans, plastic containers, glass containers and other products.

The useful functions of x ray inspection equipment are as follows:

1. Sensitivity adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to the actual use of the food metal detector.

2. The self-checking function automatically checks the food metal detector to see if it can work normally, avoiding frequent unnecessary maintenance of the equipment.

3. Waterproof and anti-rust function, this is a kind of protection for food metal detector, which is very helpful for cleaning the machine.

4. Leakage detection function, which can increase the safety of the food metal detector when in use.

5. Automatic alarm function. When metal impurities are detected when the food x ray inspection equipment is working, it will automatically send out various alarms and remove them in time.

This is a practical function of food x ray inspection equipment, no matter which industry it is used in, it can be applied well, controlling the production process of the product, removing metal impurities, and ensuring the circulation of qualified products.