Some process analysis of the operation of portable X-ray machine

Some process analysis of the operation of portable X-ray machine


Some process analysis of the operation of portable X-ray machine

Operation process of portable X-ray machine:

1. First check whether the adjustment knob of the portable X-ray machine console and the power adjustment knob are in the lowest position.

2. Turn on the power switch of the portable X-ray machine and turn on the machine.

3. Conduct regular training.

4. Power adjustment, the scale of the knob to the voltmeter indicates 220V.

5. Turn on the console knob switch, press the touch switch, and the standby unit will beep.

6. KV adjustment, turn the knob to the required kV value (such as 60kv or 70kv).

7. Time adjustment, select the required time (such as 10mAs or 30mAs).

8. Select the appropriate mA value (such as 30mA or 50mA).

9. Put the cassette with X-ray film in the drawer, with a focal length of 90CM-100CM.

10. Adjust the speed limiter, increase the display field of the speed limiter, and make the cross center line coincide with the center line of the cassette. Put type on the cassette to change direction.

11. Press the hand switch *, after hearing the beep of the buzzer, and then press the second level, after hearing the beep of the buzzer, it means that the exposure is smooth and let go.

12. Remote exposure. During exposure, once the machine receives the transmission signal, it will time the exposure.

13. After shooting, reset the kV time, and then press the power touch switch of the console.

14. Develop the film, turn on the red light in the darkroom, then take out the film, clamp it on the film rack, put it in the developing box, wait for about 1 minute to take it out, observe under the red light whether it is visible, if not Put it in the developing box until it appears.

15. Take out the film from the developing box, wash it with water, put it in the fixing box, take it out after about 15 minutes, and then dry it.

Scope of application of low-dose portable X-ray machine:

1. Immediate diagnosis in hospitals' orthopedics, hand and foot surgery, pediatrics, stomatology and other departments in emergency wards and during surgery.

2. On-site diagnosis for athletes, field workers, and military personnel in the field when they encounter injuries.

3. Inspection of birth control ring for women of childbearing age.

4. Non-destructive testing of portable X-ray machines in the industrial sector, such as aluminum castings, integrated blocks, high pressure packages, etc.

5. Security inspections by security departments, customs, post and telecommunications departments.