SYNDAR tells you: the correct operation process of X-ray machine

SYNDAR tells you: the correct operation process of X-ray machine


SYNDAR tells you: the correct operation process of X-ray machine

(1) Preparation before operation of x ray machine for baggage

  1, on-site operation

  A) When performing X-rays on site, safety lines should be set, "control area" and "management area" should be determined, and obvious warning signs should be set.

  B) The operator should wear a personal dose pen.

   2. Preparation before power-on

  A) Newly purchased X-ray machines or operators on the machine should read the equipment manual first, and use the X-ray machine operation and maintenance equipment correctly.

  B) Check whether the power supply used matches the nominal voltage of the equipment.

  C) Check whether the air pressure of the gas insulated x ray machine for baggage meets the requirements.

(2) Operation of X-ray machine

  1, strict training

   For discontinuous use of x ray machine for baggage, the machine must be trained in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual.

  2, reliable grounding

   When using an X-ray machine, both the control box and the high voltage generator must be reliably grounded.

  A) The portable x ray machine for baggage uses a Φ10X300 grounded metal rod, driven into the 250mm deep soil underground.

  B) Frequency conversion air-cooled x ray machine for baggage is strictly prohibited to use the welding machine ground wire as a grounding body.

  C) Stable x ray machine for baggage generally uses fixed grounding.

   3. Check the power supply

   The power supply voltage should conform to the nominal value specified in the x ray machine for baggage manual, and its fluctuation value should not exceed ±10% of the rated value. When necessary, a voltage regulator type stable power supply can be added to ensure the normal operation of the x ray machine for baggage.

  4, preheat

  X ray machine for baggage Before the high voltage is connected, the filament must be preheated for more than 2 minutes in advance to extend the life of the X-ray tube.

   5. Cool down and rest

  A) The x ray machine for baggage must be reliably cooled during the work project. The air-insulated machine must check whether the cooling fan on the machine head is running normally to ensure that the X-ray is fully cooled to prevent overheating and avoid shortening the life of the X-ray tube.

  B) X-ray machines generally require a work and rest time of 1:1.

  D) Connect the power cord and high-voltage cable plug to the control box, high-voltage generator and cooling system firmly to ensure good contact.

   3. Check after power on

  A) After the power is turned on, the power indicator on the control box panel is on.

  B) Check the working condition of the cooling system (whether the head fan of the gas insulated machine works normally).

  4 Exposure control

  A) First check the "door-machine" interlocking device. A warning light is set above the working door, and the "high voltage open" button can be pressed after it is normal.

  B) If an abnormality is found during the exposure process, press the "High Voltage Break" button to cut off the high voltage and analyze the cause before considering continuing the exposure.

  C) After the exposure is over, when the gas insulated machine buzzer sounds, "KV" will automatically return to zero, the red indicator light will go out, the high voltage will be cut off, and the exposure time knob will reset.