Talking about the use of metal detectors in different periods to promote its rapid development

Talking about the use of metal detectors in different periods to promote its rapid development


Talking about the use of metal detectors in different periods to promote its rapid development

The world's first metal detector machine was born in 1960. It was originally mainly used in the industry and mining industry. It was a powerful helper for checking the purity of minerals and improving efficiency. With the development of society, crime cases are on the rise. In 1970, metal detectors were introduced into a new application field-security inspection, which is the prototype of the metal detection door we use today. Its appearance means that human perception of safety has entered a new era.

   The emergence of a product drove the development of an industry, and security inspection, a strange and familiar industry, began to enter the market. More than 40 years have passed. The metal detector machine has undergone several generations of detection technology changes. From the initial signal simulation technology to the continuous wave technology to the digital pulse technology used today, the simple magnetic field cutting principle of the metal detector machine has been introduced into a variety of science and technology. Results. There is a qualitative leap in sensitivity, resolution, detection accuracy and performance.

   With the rapid development of the aviation industry in the 1970s, the occurrence of hijackings and dangerous incidents gradually increased aviation and airport security. Therefore, metal detection doors played an important role in the detection of prohibited items in many airport equipment. Also in the 1970s, due to the emergence of metal detection doors in airport security, large-scale sports events (such as the Olympic Games) and the security work of important government departments began to use metal detection doors as indispensable security inspection equipment.

In the 1980s, prison violent cases showed a linear upward trend. How to effectively prevent and prevent violent cases from happening as soon as possible became the top priority of prison management. While relying on police officers to strengthen the management of prisoners, metal detection doors became once again The security inspection equipment necessary for prison management agencies in developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Belgium has been used to form an average of one metal detection door for every 300 prisoners for security inspection.

In the 1990s, the rapidly heating up electronics manufacturing industry became the darling of this era. In order to reduce product loss and end the embarrassing situation between employees and the company, large electronics companies successively adopted metal detection doors and handheld metal detectors as management employees. Behavior, a sharp edge to reduce product loss. So the metal detector has its new role-product anti-theft.

   After the September 11 incident, counter-terrorism has become an important issue of the international community. The rampant bombings and terrorist activities have made terrorists the targets of the security agencies of all countries to fight against. At this time, the international community’s awareness of "security precautions" has also been raised to a new height. Affected by the 9.11 incident, the deployment of security work strengthened in all walks of life is precisely affected by this, and the application of metal detectors has also successfully penetrated into other industries.

With the improvement of living standards, people’s awareness of food and drug safety is further deepened. Metal detectors are also used in the food and drug industries to detect metal foreign bodies in food and drugs. The detection accuracy of the metal detector machine produced by SYNDAR reaches 1.0mm. The accuracy is very high, welcome to inquire.