The current situation and future of domestic meat processing equipment

The current situation and future of domestic meat processing equipment


The current situation and future of domestic meat processing equipment

Meat processing machinery is a necessary and important guarantee for the development of the meat industry. In the mid-1980s, the former Ministry of Commerce started to import meat processing equipment from Europe in order to improve my country's meat deep processing technology. Since then, my country’s meat processing companies have begun to recognize and understand modern processing equipment, techniques and products; meat processing machinery manufacturers have also begun to come into contact with advanced meat processing equipment, and have begun to learn from foreign technology to develop China’s own product. Twenty years have passed so far. What is the state of development of China's meat machinery and equipment, and what will happen in the future?

1. The current situation of meat machinery

1. Current situation Reviewing the development history of meat processing machinery, the achievements made are remarkable. Nearly 200* factories in my country can produce more than 90% of meat processing equipment, covering almost all processing fields such as slaughter, segmentation, meat products, prepared food, and comprehensive utilization, and the equipment manufactured has begun to approach similar foreign products. For example: chopping machine, brine injection machine, continuous vacuum packaging machine, fryer, etc. These equipments have played a very important role in China's meat industry and promoted the development of the meat industry. In addition to domestic sales, many companies have begun to expand overseas markets and gradually integrate with international standards. However, we cannot be complacent just because our equipment is already in use or part of the export has already been made. In fact, our products are still far from the advanced level in Europe and America. This is what our meat processing machinery manufacturing industry needs is correct. Right reality. Judging from the statistics of meat machinery manufacturing enterprises compiled by the China Meat Association, most of my country's enterprises are still hovering at a low level, and few have a high starting point. The technological level of these companies is still relatively backward. Except for the individual equipment of individual companies (produced in cooperation with European and American equipment manufacturers) and simple processing production lines (for example, the split line has been exported to Australia and Hong Kong in complete sets), most of our production is still Simple machinery and auxiliary facilities supporting foreign machinery and equipment have relatively low technical content. From the overall technical level, most of my country's meat processing equipment is still at the level of the 1980s in Europe and America, and only a few have reached the level of the 1990s. In other words, the technological level is equivalent to 10 to 20 years behind advanced countries. The current situation of meat machinery can also be clearly seen from the customs statistics. In 2003, my country imported food processing machinery for 724 million US dollars, while exports were only 163 million US dollars. Meat processing machinery accounts for about 10% of the entire food machinery, which means that the annual import volume of my country's meat processing machinery is about 70 million US dollars. The total annual sales of my country's meat processing machinery manufacturing enterprises is only about 600 million yuan, that is, more than half of my country's meat machinery demand is imported. Why are there so many imports of meat processing machinery?

From the perspective of production level, the following main advantages of European and American manufacturers are beyond the reach of Chinese meat processing machinery manufacturers:

1. Pay more attention to industry coordination, clear division of labor, both competition and cooperation;

2. Each company has a strong R&D team, products are constantly updated and new technologies are widely used;

3. The design focuses on work efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and a high degree of automation;

4. Reliable quality in manufacturing and low repair rate. In addition, for the design and manufacture of food processing machinery, they pay special attention to the requirements of hygiene and safety, and also pay great attention to humanized operation.

2. Reasons and gaps restricting development. There are so many meat machinery manufacturing plants in our country, and the processing equipment produced has covered many processing fields such as slaughter, segmentation, meat products, and prepared food, but why our products cannot occupy the domestic market In most of the markets, the overall sales trend is not as fast as the rapid development of the meat processing industry? The analysis has the following main reasons:

1) Insufficient product development and innovation. my country's research institutes and food machinery R&D departments devote most of their energy to the development of equipment for the beverage, packaging, grain, and dairy processing industries, while neglecting meat processing machinery.

At present, the development of meat processing machinery is mainly based on the adjustment of meat machinery manufacturers themselves according to market demand, and there are very few meat processing machinery manufacturers that can develop and develop themselves.

2) Most of my country's meat processing machinery manufacturing enterprises are small in scale, but the investment required to develop products is relatively large. Therefore, most manufacturers are reluctant to invest in development, and are limited to imitation and restructuring. The focus is only on simple equipment that is low-cost, easy to manufacture, and can produce short-term benefits.

3) my country's intellectual property market is not standardized, resulting in products developed that cannot be protected by intellectual property rights. Some companies have invested a lot of money, material resources, and energy to develop new products that were imitated shortly after they went on the market. Many companies have spent a lot of energy to develop new products and quickly imitated them and became others' products. As a result, companies are reluctant to spend money on technological innovation.

4) The backward processing equipment makes many large-scale and high-tech equipment incapable of processing or the processing accuracy is insufficient.

5) Many meat processing companies have insufficient understanding of the overall technical level of my country's meat processing machinery, and only pay attention to the price of equipment, which has led to the development of low-grade products, which in disguise hinders the upgrading and innovation of meat machinery. In addition, my country's overall machining parts manufacturing industry and the technical level provided by raw and auxiliary materials have also caused the gap between meat machinery and similar equipment in Europe and the United States, such as: 1) poor accuracy of accessories (such as bearings, etc.); 2) Stainless steel heat treatment processing technology is poor; 3) The motor is large, resulting in a large machine (product); 4) The cost of control parts is high, and the price of imported parts of foreign brands is higher than the domestic sales price of the producing country; 5) The main raw and auxiliary materials are When reaching the same level abroad, the price is higher than abroad. The above is the status quo of my country's meat processing machinery manufacturing industry and the reason why imported equipment can dominate the Chinese market.

2. The development and future of meat machinery

1. Market analysis

a) Domestic market analysis: With the development of the meat food industry, the proportion of deep meat processing is increasing, and new meat processing plants are constantly emerging. These companies need to invest a lot of processing equipment. In addition, a large number of foreign equipment purchased by purchasing agents in the 1980s and 1990s of the last century have become obsolete and need to be updated. Therefore, the domestic market's demand for meat processing machinery will continue to increase. At present, the main equipment used by the top 50 domestic meat processing companies is imported. With the improvement of the quality of domestic meat machinery manufacturing products, these companies will gradually adopt domestic meat machinery, and the demand is very large. . On the other hand, a large number of imported equipment is a heavy burden for meat processing enterprises. Because the investment in fixed assets is too large, it will greatly affect the cost of meat products, making enterprises uncompetitive in sales. Many domestic manufacturers have introduced more expensive equipment, but because they cannot digest them, the companies have gone downhill and closed down. Some manufacturers that are still in operation also have no profits at all because of the high depreciation costs of fixed assets. In fact, meat processing companies do not necessarily want to import equipment from abroad. If the products provided by our meat processing machinery industry can reach similar standards abroad, I believe they will definitely give priority to buying from China.

b) International market analysis: European meat processing machinery is the most advanced in the world, but with the appreciation of the euro and the improvement of the international status of "Made in China", more and more foreign businessmen are beginning to be interested in Chinese equipment. Although our meat processing equipment is not advanced, but because the performance and quality have been improved a lot, and the price is cheaper, it can still attract most customers from underdeveloped countries. It is inevitable for our products to enter the international market. But we must also remind my country's meat processing and manufacturing industry that we represent "Made in China". We are not only responsible to the enterprise, but also to the country. Many products of our country have gained a bad reputation in the international arena. The main reason is that the domestic industry's self-depressing prices and shoddy manufacturing have caused the export of the entire industry to be damaged.

In the past two years, more and more foreign merchants have purchased meat processing equipment in my country, and the number of manufacturers of meat machinery exports in my country has gradually increased.

Therefore, we hereby call on our meat machinery manufacturing industry to cherish opportunities, avoid cannibalism when entering the international market, and never kill the developing market in its infancy. As far as the sales market is concerned, in addition to Southeast Asia, the meat processing industry in South America, the Middle East, and South Asia is relatively backward, and its processing equipment manufacturing industry is less, most of which are imported from Europe and the United States. This is a big sales. market.

2) Technical level and basic conditions The China Meat Association has conducted industry guidance and regulation on China's meat processing enterprises (including meat processing machinery manufacturing enterprises) in recent years, and intends to provide a certain scale and development capability for meat The support and support of processing machinery manufacturing enterprises will definitely greatly promote the development of meat processing machinery. Through nearly 20 years of development, my country's meat processing technology has been greatly improved, especially the product processing technology is close to the world's advanced level, and certain experience has been accumulated. For meat processing machinery manufacturers, they have also learned a lot of professional knowledge from the requirements of meat processing technology, understood the principle that meat processing machinery must meet the requirements of meat processing technology, and understood the technical principles of foreign advanced equipment. In other words, the basic conditions for further development of meat processing machinery have been established. From the perspective of overall equipment manufacturing companies, several companies have already had certain product development capabilities and equipment processing levels, and these companies have also begun to cooperate with scientific research institutes, especially for technical exchanges with similar equipment manufacturers in Europe and the United States. . Therefore, it can be said that these factories have understood the technological level of advanced equipment in Europe and the United States. As long as they increase investment and development efforts, they can quickly keep up with the world's advanced level. What is needed now is to support and make reasonable arrangements for these enterprises, and let them undertake the development of different equipment. I believe that this will quickly bring the entire meat processing machinery manufacturing industry to a higher level.