The metal separator holds up the protective umbrella for the safety of the people's tongue

The metal separator holds up the protective umbrella for the safety of the people's tongue


The metal separator holds up the protective umbrella for the safety of the people's tongue

Netizens often broke the news that metal foreign bodies were found in the food they bought. They were frightened and hurt the body. Scenes test the nerves of the public. In fact, in addition to food, metal foreign bodies are also found in medicines. It is understood that in the production and processing of medicines, metal powders, particles, and needle-like irregularities are often mixed into the product due to equipment wear and manual negligence. The mixing of these metals into medicines will bring great harm to medicine safety. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the detection and removal of metals. Among them, the metal separator plays a pivotal role in the metal removal process.

Metal separators are classified according to the conveying method of the detected items. Metal separators are usually divided into channel type, falling type and pipeline type. At present, the channel metal separator is the most common metal detection equipment on the market. The channel of the detector is square, usually equipped with a conveyor belt mechanism, with an automatic rejection device, or provide an alarm signal. When the items on the conveyor belt pass through the detector, once there is metal, it will be automatically rejected or stopped. Mainly for on-line inspection of finished and semi-finished products, providing final inspection before shipment.

According to experts, the packaging requirements of metal separators for products must not contain metal, but considering higher requirements such as tightness and light resistance, metal composite films must be used for packaging. The metal composite film itself is a metal, so if a channel-type metal separator is used, the detection sensitivity will have a large deviation, or even detection. In view of the above reasons, you can choose to test before packaging. The falling body metal separator was developed in response to the above situation.

"Falling metal separators are mainly used for the detection of tablets, capsules, granular (plastic particles, etc.) and powdery items. When these items fall through the falling metal separator, once metal impurities are detected, the system immediately starts the separation The mechanism eliminates suspicious items.” Falling metal separators have the characteristics of simple installation, high sensitivity, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, stability and reliability, and are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

With the improvement of the new version of the national GMP standard, the pharmaceutical industry cannot take the drug production process and the quality and safety of the final product lightly. Therefore, it is necessary to test and supervise drugs. In recent years, the development and operation of my country's pharmaceutical industry has been stable, and the enthusiasm for new drug research and development is high, and the future pharmaceutical market will further expand. In this context, related pharmaceutical equipment and machinery also usher in a good market. As one of the important mechanical equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, the metal separator should maintain the concept of innovation and upgrade, keep up with industry standards, and play an important role while ushering in good news.

At present, my country's metal separators are mostly based on technology imported from advanced countries such as Germany. Although domestically produced metal separators can meet the testing standards of some products, the sensitivity is not high enough and the performance is not stable enough to guarantee the final product rejection. Accuracy of metal foreign bodies. Therefore, the author believes that if relevant domestic pharmaceutical machinery companies can upgrade their independent research and development technology, break the bottleneck of relying on imports, and realize the "Made in China" metal separator, it will surely bring China's pharmaceutical machinery industry to a new level.