What are the safety issues of metal detectors in use

What are the safety issues of metal detectors in use


What are the safety issues of metal detectors in use

The metal detectors machine is mainly composed of a detection part and a rejection part, and uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metals. All metals including iron and non-ferrous have high detection sensitivity. The entry of ferromagnetic metals into the detection area will affect the distribution of magnetic lines of force in the detection area, which in turn affects the magnetic flux in a fixed range. Non-ferromagnetic metals entering the detection area will produce eddy current effects, and will also change the magnetic field distribution in the detection area. When metal impurities pass through, the product alarm signal will be sent to the rejection part, and the rejection part flaps will swing left and right to remove the content. Products of metal impurities. So as to achieve complete separation of metal impurities.


Safety in use of metal detectors machine

1. Direction of use

This equipment is mainly used in the plastic industry, but also in the food and chemical industries.

This equipment is designed for small lumps of materials (such as powder or granules) that fall freely in a vertical pipeline. The inlet should be connected to a hopper or pipeline. This equipment should avoid being surrounded by steam, dust or similar substances, as this may affect the insulation of the pvc wire.

2. Danger warning

The main power supply is connected to the MSG3.3 electric box, which is connected to the external alternating current, so there is a danger warning on the door of the electric box.

When the power supply is energized and the air source is connected, it is very dangerous to open the cover of the device, because there are danger warnings on the inside of the metal detectors machine

The height of the entrance and exit of the metal detectors machine is 80mm, and the exit of the valve can be easily touched by the hand. Therefore, there is a danger warning on the discharge port of the metal detectors machine.

The case cover can protect the operator from injury, if you want to open the cover for repair or maintenance, please refer to 4.4


3. Dangers that may appear in places where there is no danger warning.

Where there is no danger warning, there may be static electricity or pneumatic components that may hurt your hands.


4 Safety precautions for operation and maintenance

When the metal detectors machine is working, the case cover and the electric box door should be closed to avoid the danger of injury and contamination of the machine and prolong its service life. All warning signs affixed to the machine must be clear and visible, and cannot be torn off for any reason. The inlet and outlet should be connected by a pipe with a diameter of 70mm, and the outlet pipe should be at least 90cm long such as detecting explosive materials. Please read the relevant regulations. If repairing electrical and electronic components or repairing pneumatic components, be sure to cut off the power and air supply. This operating manual should be easily accessible and clearly written.

Only trained technicians are allowed to operate and repair this machine.


5 Potential danger

After turning off the electric switch, the electric box may be in a live state because the external power supply is still connected.

In addition, due to the existence of the compressed air cylinder, the pneumatic components will still operate after the air source is cut off.


6 Unauthorized

Without the authorization of the company, unauthorized modification or repair work is not allowed.


7 Operation not allowed

Operations outside the scope of 1 are not allowed

Operation outside the range of technical parameters is not allowed

It is not allowed to detect corrosive and explosive materials