X-ray foreign body detector has a pivotal position in the food industry

X-ray foreign body detector has a pivotal position in the food industry


X-ray foreign body detector has a pivotal position in the food industry

x ray inspection equipment is no stranger to everyone. The metal detector uses a "balanced coil" detector. The detector can detect various metal contaminants. They include ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel in fresh and frozen foods. Whether it is packaged or not, products can be tested, as well as products packaged with metal film. x ray inspection equipment has a wide range of uses and has become an important part of many food processing production lines in Asia.

The food safety problem in China is very serious. In the production process, no matter how strict the management procedures are, taking corresponding protective measures against the mixing of metal foreign bodies cannot be completely ruled out. Once these unqualified and unsafe products are sold on the market, they will cause great harm to the health of consumers, and will also lead to a sharp decline in the brand effect of the company's products.

   There are usually four types of pollution sources:

Typical examples of raw materials include metal tags and injection needles in meat products, metal wires in wheat, metal nets in powdered materials, tractor parts in vegetables, fish hooks, metal hooks, and metal wire bundles in material containers.

   is made up of human factors, buttons, pens, jewelry, coins, keys, hairpins, thumbtacks, pins, clips, etc.

   Due to maintenance tools, screwdrivers and other maintenance tools, metal cutting swarf and welding slag generated after maintenance, copper wire waste generated after electrical maintenance, improper cleaning or negligence caused other items to be missed and metal scrap generated from pipeline maintenance.

   Due to processing in the factory, grinders, mixers, agitators, shredders and transmission systems may cause metal contamination during the processing or processing of products, such as crushing screens, metal shreds produced by milling machines, and foils recovered from products.

The use of    x ray inspection equipment is a necessary means to prevent metal impurities from entering the product. As the person in charge of food safety, food companies should effectively protect the health of consumers, protect their brands, and establish a food safety culture.