What is an automatic checkweigher? What is the use of an automatic checkweigher?

What is an automatic checkweigher? What is the use of an automatic checkweigher?


14 difficult problems that must be mastered before buying a checkweigher

14 difficult problems that must be mastered before buying a checkweigher

Problem 1: What is an automatic checkweigher?
The automatic checkweigher is a dynamic weighing machine equipment on an automatic production line. It can 100% inspect the net weight of each commodity and divide the commodities into two or more groups according to the net weight.

Problem 2: What is the application of automatic checkweigher?
Inspect the net weight of the goods, remove the overloaded and underweight goods; inspect the missing parts of the goods, such as whether there is a lack of instructions in the medicine box, etc.; the product category, such as chicken wings, are distinguished by net weight.

Problem 3. The reason for the automatic checkweigher?
The automatic checkweigher has first-class production process and manufacturing level; high precision and reliable quality; with a variety of options, you can basically consider all your requirements.

Problem 4: What options are available for the automatic checkweigher?
Everyone has a variety of options to consider the requirements of various fields. For example, everyone has a chain-type automatic checkweigher with excellent performance, which is input according to the screw of the stretch extruder for remote data transmission of fine and tall products, such as bottled sprays; everyone has X.S2 for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry The automatic checkweigher is equipped with left and right clamping conveyor belts to correctly guide the product transmission; in the cardboard automatic packaging machine or lashing packaging, you can complete the inspection of canned products and the inspection of tilted products to prevent product deposits; everyone has X. S3 or X3 is used in the metal detection and automatic checkweighing integrated machine of food companies to remove metal residues in food or beverages in addition to the checkweighing; everyone also has automatic feedback adjustment options that can improve liquids and powders The whole process of bottling of shaped commodities prevents the consumption of commodities, which are very expensive commodities.

Problem 5: Which aspects of the precision of the automatic checkweigher are determined?
The heavier the net weight, the worse the precision

According to the speed of goods, the faster the speed, the worse the precision
In order to ensure accurate measurement time, the length of the weighing conveyor belt is determined by the length of the product, and the longer the weighing conveyor belt, the faster the necessary speed.
It is obvious that the physical properties of the product and the delivery situation of liquid and solid products will have different precision.
Environmental factors, gas fluidity, road vibration, and extreme temperatures will jeopardize precision.

Problem 6: What should I do if the tare weight changes?
Indeed, changes in tare weight can compromise the precision of net weight inspection. But everyone has two options to deal with the tare weight change problem.

1) Use drag limit option
When the change of the tare weight of the commodity is slow and regular, the checkweigher can obtain the information content of the tare weight of the commodity according to the inspection of the average value of the commodity drag, and then automatically adjust the relative upper and lower limits to properly check the net weight of the commodity Purpose.

2) Adopt the tare-net weight inspection plan
An automatic checkweigher is placed in front of the automatic product filling machine to professionally inspect the tare weight of the product, and the tare information content is transmitted to the net weight checkweigher after the automatic filling machine, so as to properly inspect the net weight of the product.

Problem 7: Will the checkweigher rust? Everyone's natural environment cannot tolerate rust.

Most of the raw materials of the automatic checkweigher are made of "V2A" stainless steel plates. This type of stainless steel plates are very good and comply with German industrial standards. You don't have to worry about the problem of corrosion over time.

Problem 8: Is the actual operation of the automatic checkweigher complicated?
The actual operation of the automatic checkweigher is relatively simple. For example, most of the series of automatic checkweighing scales are all 15-inch colorful touch screens. The appearance design is very beautiful and generous. In addition, the page is friendly and convenient for practical operation, which can quickly replace product varieties or new products. The clear text information specifically guides you to gradually carry out actual operations.

Problem 9: How to save manufacturing data information?
The checkweigher has a variety of data information output sockets and transmission technologies, and I firmly believe that there must be a regulation that can consider you. In addition, the METTLER TOLEDO SQC system software option has a very strong function of quality statistical analysis and manipulation. In addition, profit-maximizing service items can assist you in machine equipment verification and quality control.

Problem 10: Is it convenient to maintain the automatic checkweigher?
The automatic checkweigher is relatively simple to maintain. For example, the snap button design of the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble and replace. Naturally, everyone's conveyor belts are cost-effective and have a long lifespan, and they are not always replaced. METTLER TOLEDO automatic checkweighing also provides professional skills training for actual operation staff and service project staff to ensure that machinery and equipment can fully utilize their functions.

Problem 11: Can a checkweigher be used in a wet and cold natural environment?
The automatic checkweighing provides unique sealing for each independent component. For food companies, we have professionally designed automatic checkweighers. Considering environmental sanitation, HACCP and moisture-proof regulations, the waterproof level can achieve IP69K.

Problem 12: Does the checkweigher have feedback adjustment?
Feedback adjustment is optional. The number of automatic checkweighing scales can be adjusted with up to 4 feedbacks.

Problem 13: What is the feedback adjustment of the automatic checkweigher?
The checkweigher can distinguish whether the packaging volume is in the control range according to the inspected product net weight. If there is a deviation, it sends the control data signal to the automatic packaging machine, and the packaging opportunity makes relative adjustments, and finally returns the packaging volume to the control range.