4 Components of Automatic Checkweigher

4 Components of Automatic Checkweigher


The automatic checkweigher's ability to accurately measure product quality depends on the cooperation between its various components. This article will specifically introduce the four components of the automatic checkweigher.

4 components of automatic checkweigher

The automatic checkweigher is suitable for products inspected in the terminal process of the packaging assembly line and provides a more economical solution to the simple online checkweighing requirements. It has the advantages of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy, and strong expansion performance. The automatic checkweigher's ability to accurately measure product quality depends on the cooperation between the following four components.


The conveyor is composed of a conveying device and a weighing unit. There are many types of conveyors, and the belt, chain or roller type can be selected according to the form of the conveyed object. The size of the conveyor depends on the size of the object being weighed. The checkweigher weighing platform itself is an independent small conveyor, and the weighed items are weighed at the moment they pass through the conveyor. Because it is dynamic metering, the speed of metering is relatively high. The transmission part of the conveyor adopts three-in-one electric rollers, which can make the weighing platform compact in structure, reasonable in layout, and beautiful in appearance.

Load cell

The load cell also has many forms, such as differential transformer type, resistance strain type, and electromagnetic balance type. The automatic checkweigher adopts the most widely used resistance strain sensor, which has the advantages of low price, many product types, and good stability. A weighing platform composed of a conveyor is placed on the sensor, and the number of sensors is determined according to the size of the weighing platform. Four sensors are used to support the platform with large weight and large size, and the performance is stable and reliable; the platform with small range and small size can be used. Use a single sensor to support the table.

The display controller (display instrument)

The weight signal sent by the weighing sensor can be amplified, processed, digitally displayed, and the weight data can be compared with the preset value, and then control signals of underweight, overweight, and qualified can be sent out. The threshold of underweight and overweight can be set manually. The display control instrument can display gross weight, net weight, last weighed value, and the difference between the last weighed value and the set nominal value. It can also display the total number of weighing pieces, the number of underweight pieces, the number of overweight pieces, and the number of qualified products. The display controller can also send a variety of statistical information and can connect useful information to the management computer through the communication interface or print out reports through a printer.

Rejection device (optional)

According to the packaging form and characteristics of the inspected items, the rejection device can be divided into multiple methods such as pushing out, tipping and dropping, handling, and shunting, so as to exclude the unqualified items from the production process.

If the automatic checkweigher fails, we must find out which component has the problem in time and then carry out targeted repairs. If you want to know more information related to the automatic checkweigher after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

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