3 Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Checkweighers

3 Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Checkweighers


If the accuracy of the checkweigher is not accurate, it will cause deviations in the weight measurement results of the product. This article will specifically introduce the three factors that affect the accuracy of the checkweigher.

4 components of automatic checkweigher

When the accuracy of the checkweigher is inaccurate, we need to find out the cause of this situation in time, and then make targeted adjustments and maintenance. Then there are many factors that can cause errors in the checkweigher, which are mainly summarized into the following three factors.

Internal factors of the inspected items

(1)The characteristics of the tested item include liquid, solid, and powder. When liquid items enter the weighing platform, because the conveyor belt of the weighing platform is moving, the sloshing of the liquid inside will cause the center of gravity of the item to change.

When solid objects enter the weighing platform, the vibration generated by the object is large and lasts for a long time. The system must enable secondary filtering to resist vibration. When powder objects enter the weighing platform, The powder in the package may also flow, which will also cause a change in the center of gravity of the item.

(2)The packaging of the tested items includes a bag, can, and bottle. The size of the weight tolerance between the same kind of packaging, the bottom of the can, and the bottle are flat and uneven, the diameter of the bottom and the height will affect the vibration generated when the measured item enters the weighing platform.

(3)The material of the tested item, transparent items, and reflective items, will affect the sensing of the photoelectric switch; but we can effectively avoid this trouble by adopting the non-photoelectric weight recognition mode to check the weight.

(4) The weight of the tested item, the heavier the item, the lower the accuracy.

(5) The speed of the tested item, the faster the belt speed, the shorter the system reading time, the greater the impact on accuracy; the number of items detected per minute will also affect the accuracy.

(6) The shape of the object to be tested, the bottom surface of the irregular object is uneven, and it will vibrate when entering the weighing platform, which will also have a large impact on the accuracy.

Use environmental factors

(1)The temperature and humidity of the operating environment.

(2)It is not suitable to install weight sorting machines for ground vibration and airflow, near machines with large vibrations, fan air outlets, and air-conditioning air outlets.

(3)For static electricity and electromagnetic interference, the equipment should be grounded and separated from high-power equipment and power supply systems.

(4) Protective measures should be taken in places with heavy dust and corrosive liquids.

Human factors

(1)Improper parameter setting when using.

(2)The distance between the machine speed increasing section, weighing section, and rejection section are too large or too small.

(3)The weighing platform is not level.

(4)The conveyor belt is too loose or too tight.

(5) The motor wire and sensor wire are not tied.

(6)The sensor is overloaded and damaged.

(7)The reflector of the photoelectric switch was not cleaned in time.

We also need to clean and maintain the checkweigher machine daily to prevent the accumulation of dirt or wear and tear of components, which leads to inaccurate checkweigher accuracy. If you want to learn more about the checkweigher after reading the above, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution.

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