How to Lubricate the Automatic Checkweigher?

How to Lubricate the Automatic Checkweigher?


If the automatic checkweigher is properly lubricated, the parts can keep in good working condition. This article will specifically introduce the method of lubricating the automatic checkweigher.

the locations and precautions for lubrication of the automatic checkweigher

After frequent use of the checkweigher, some accessories or connections may be worn out. At this time, we need to lubricate the checkweigher regularly. The following are the locations and precautions for lubrication of the automatic checkweigher.

Lubrication position

1. Each meshing point, bearing position

These positions of the online checkweigher machine need to be lubricated every day to ensure that they rotate smoothly and that all components can work normally.

2. Reducer

The reducer is the core component of the online checkweighing equipment, and it must be frequently lubricated and maintained. Before starting the reducer, be sure to apply lubricating oil, and it is strictly forbidden to start working without applying it. In addition, the lubricating oil of the reducer should be replaced regularly, and the inside of the reducer should be cleaned after running for more than 300 hours, and then replaced with new oil.

Pay attention to the action during the lubrication operation of the online checkweigher scales, and do not drip or stick the lubricating oil on the belt. The lubricating oil on the belt will cause the product to slip on it, and the lubricating oil will accelerate the aging of the belt and cause damage.


1. The lubrication system components (coarse filter, a fine filter, oil radiator, oil pan, etc.) of the automatic checkweigher should be cleaned regularly, and the lubrication system should always be clean and unobstructed.

2. Use qualified lubricants. Lubricating oil must be filled according to the requirements in the manual, especially for imported, two-stroke, supercharged engines.

3.When using for the first time, drain the oil in the gearbox, clean the inside of the gearbox with diesel or gasoline, and add new lubricating oil to the middle of the observation window immediately after draining (pay attention to whether the lubrication is enough every month). 

It is enough to change the lubricating oil once a year from now on. It should be noted that too much lubricating oil may cause the reduction box to heat up, and the overload of the motor will cause the motor protection switch to trip. Too little lubricating oil may make the gearbox overheat, noise increase, or gearbox hang and become scrap.

4. Always check the oil level of the oil pan, and keep the oil level not too high or too low. The newly repaired engine should add a little more oil. After an operation, stop and check the oil level.

5. During operation, pay attention to the oil pressure and oil temperature, and stop the machine in time for an inspection and troubleshoot if any undesirable phenomena are found.

6. Before starting the engine in winter, use the hand crank to rotate a few times, and then start the engine so that all parts are lubricated to avoid engine failures such as the wall cylinder.

7. When lubricating oil is found to be degraded and discolored, excessive deposits in the oil pan, or water or fuel mixed in the oil, should be replaced in time, and seasonal oil changes should be performed alternately between winter and summer.

Too little or too much lubricating oil will not achieve the effect of maintenance, so we must reasonably control the amount of lubricating oil used. If you want to know more about the automatic weight sorting machine after reading the above content, you can contact us for professional solutions.

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