7 Points for Using Automatic Checkweigher

7 Points for Using Automatic Checkweigher


If some use points are not followed during the operation of the checkweigher, it may lead to inaccurate equipment test results. This article will specifically introduce the precautions for using the automatic checkweigher.

the accuracy-test method of the checkweigher

The automatic checkweigher is special weighing equipment for assembly lines, which is welcomed by the majority of users, and its use is also becoming more and more common in production lines. Then we need to pay attention to the following matters in the process of use, in order to let the checkweigher machine play its due weighing effect.

1. In the process of transporting the weight sorting machine, ensure that the sensor protection device is in a safe state, and the protection device can be released after installation. The weighing conveyor belt is individually packaged and must be fixed with screws. The fixing screws can be loosened only when they reach the working place where they are placed.

2. Maintain good weighing habits during use. During the weighing process, try to place the product in the middle of the checkweigher to allow the sensor to balance the force. Avoid the slight tilt of the weighing platform due to uneven force, resulting in inaccurate final weighing results.

3. Frequently clean up the debris on the sensor to avoid the phenomenon of inaccurate weighing.

4. The input and output conveyor belts of the checkweigher scale must be aligned and cannot touch the weighing conveyor belt (that is, the weighing conveyor belt of the checkweigher machine must be free to move without touching other conveyor belts or objects).

5. Please keep the automatic checkweigher cleaned up because stains or residues left by commodities are likely to cause the checkweigher scale to malfunction. Use an air compressor to blow away the waste or scrub with a damp thin cloth.

6. The operator of the automatic checkweigher needs to undergo professional training. They need to know all the functions of the equipment before they can operate the equipment because, in this way, the equipment can be put into good operation. Of course, the operator also needs to understand some troubleshooting skills. When a problem occurs in the equipment, it can be discovered in time and fed back to the technician for maintenance, so as to reduce the loss as much as possible.

7. Develop a regular maintenance plan. When a part of the automatic checkweigher is worn out due to long-term use, we need to inspect and repair the problem as soon as possible. If the part has failed, it must be replaced in time. The lubrication of the checkweighing equipment should also be done at ordinary times to extend the service life of the checkweigher as much as possible.

If we can follow the above points when using the automatic checkweigher, we can reduce the measurement error as much as possible, and make the operation more accurate and efficient. If you want to know more about the automatic checkweigher after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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