The Steps and Precautions of Using Automatic Checkweigher

The Steps and Precautions of Using Automatic Checkweigher


To ensure the final checkweighing accuracy of the automatic checkweigher, we need to ensure that its operation process is correct. Let's learn about the steps and precautions of using the automatic checkweigher.

steps and precautions for using the automatic checkweigher
Checkweigher is a kind of dynamic online checkweighing equipment, with high speed and high precision, and can be integrated into various packaging production lines and conveying systems. Its main function is to check whether the product weight of the assembly line is qualified. We can ensure the final checkweighing accuracy by learning the following steps and precautions for using the automatic checkweigher.

Steps for usage

Weighing preparation (products enter the front conveyor belt of the automatic checkweigher)

The speed setting of the front conveyor belt of the automatic checkweigher is generally determined by the distance between the products and the required speed. The purpose is to ensure that only one product can be on the weighing platform during the work process of the checkweigher.

Weighing process

When the product enters the weighing section, the system recognizes that the product to be tested enters the weighing area according to external signals (such as photoelectric switch signals or internal level signals). According to the operating speed of the weighing section and the length of the conveyor, or according to the level signal, the system can determine the time when the product leaves the weighing area.

From the product entering the weighing platform to leaving the weighing platform, the load cell will detect the signal, and the controller selects the signal in the signal stable area for processing, and the weight of the product can be obtained.

Sorting process

After the controller obtains the weight signal of the product, the system compares it with the preset weight range and sorts the products. The sorting methods are mainly as follows:

(1) Rejection of unqualified products.

(2) Eliminate overweight and underweight separately, or transport to different places.

(3) Divide into different weight categories according to different weight ranges

Report feedback.

The automatic checkweigher has a weight signal feedback function. Usually, the average weight of a set number of products is fed back to the controller of the packaging/filling/canning machine. The controller will dynamically adjust the feeding amount to make the average weight of the product closer to the target value.

In addition to the feedback function, the checkweigher can also provide a report function, the total number of packages in each zone, the total amount in each zone, the qualified quantity, the qualified total, the average value, the total number of standard deviations and the total accumulation.


(1) When starting the automatic checkweigher, turn on the main power supply first, and then close the automatic checkweigher isolation switch.

(2) Start the automatic checkweigher and observe whether the self-checking process of the automatic checkweigher can enter the main operation interface, with or without alarm information.

(3) Start the automatic checkweigher belt and observe whether the automatic checkweigher works normally. (Whether the belt can run, whether the belt runs at the center of the roller shaft).

(4) Observe whether the current product on the main interface of the automatic checkweigher is the product currently to be produced. If not, please replace it with the correct product.

(5) In the actual production process, product spacing must be ensured (only after the current product has completely exited the weighing section platform, the following products can enter the weighing section platform), that is, only one product is allowed on the weighing section platform.

(6) After the production is finished, the automatic checkweigher belt must be stopped first, and then turn off the power of the automatic checkweigher after waiting for 5 minutes. Then turn off the main power supply. Note that after the automatic checkweigher is powered off, it takes 5 minutes before it can be powered on again.

The automatic checkweigher is used in the production lines of various industries, such as all kinds of food, plastics, daily chemicals, batteries, medicine, chemicals, beverages, plastics, rubber, etc. It is also indispensable key testing equipment in the production process. If you want to know more about the automatic checkweigher after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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