Common Faults and Operation Items of Automatic Checkweigher

Common Faults and Operation Items of Automatic Checkweigher


In this article, you can find the detailed content of the common faults and operating items of the automatic checkweigher, so that you can reduce the occurrence of failures when you use the automatic checkweigher in the future.

the structure and performance of the high-speed checkweigher
Automation equipment brings a lot of convenience to manufacturing companies, improves production efficiency, and reduces the output of defective products. The automatic checkweigher helps the automated production line, reduces labor costs for enterprises, and solves various quality problems in the product packaging process, such as for overweight, underweight, and so on.

The automatic checkweigher has been put into the production line by enterprises in various fields. The following is an introduction to the common faults and operating items of the automatic checkweigher.

Common malfunctions

The interface display of the checkweigher system is always zero

1. The object is light and the weight falls within the zero range, which should be solved by resetting the "zero range";

2. The weighing equipment is chasing zero. At this time, it can be solved by adjusting the "automatic zero tracking" item in the system options;

3. The sensor data cable is loose due to poor contact.

The data fluctuates greatly, and the fluctuation is abnormal

1. The screws on the base of the automatic weighing machine are loose;

2. The load cell is subject to obvious interference, such as air conditioning wind, air flow, etc.;

3. The ground shakes and vibrates, such as interference from the rotation of nearby machines, cars passing by, etc.;

4. The conveyor belt is affected by sticky objects;

5. Sundries are accumulated or stuck in the base of the load cell;

6. The filter coefficient is set too small.

No display on the touch screen of the operation interface

1. Poor power connection;

2. The fuse in the chassis is blown;

3. The data cable is loose or disconnected.

Data display is abnormal

1. The error is too large and the weighing machine system needs to be recalibrated;

2. The wrong product model selection should be solved by re-clicking "Switch Product" and selecting the corresponding accessory product number;

3. The ambient temperature exceeds the normal working range of the load cell;

4. Sensing components of the load cell are aging or deformed.

Operation matters

The above failures of the machine are often caused by the following items not being paid attention to during operation.

1. The sensor of the automatic checkweigher is a very sensitive measuring device and should be treated with care. Avoid shaking, squeezing, or objects falling on the weighing platform (weighing conveyor belt), and it is forbidden to place tools on the weighing platform.

2. During the transportation of the automatic checkweigher, the weighing conveyor belt needs to be fixed in its original position with screws and nuts.

3. The products to be weighed enter the automatic checkweigher regularly, that is, the product spacing is as equal as possible, which is a prerequisite for reliable weighing. Please keep the photoelectric switch clean, because dust, stains, or moisture condensation on the optical components may cause malfunctions. If necessary, wipe these parts lightly with a soft cloth or cotton cloth.

4. Please keep the weighing belt conveyor of the automatic checkweigher clean, because stains or residues left by the product may cause malfunctions, you can use compressed air to blow away the dirt or use a moist soft cloth to wipe it.

5. If the automatic checkweigher is equipped with a belt conveyor, please check the conveyor regularly. The conveyor belt must not touch any guards or transition plates (smooth plates between adjacent conveyor belts), as this will cause additional wear and vibration, which may have a negative impact on accuracy. If guards are installed, check that they are in good condition and that they are installed in the correct position.

6. If the automatic checkweigher is equipped with a chain conveyor, please check the protective devices regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and installed in the correct position.

7. When installing a rejector with an independent base or a rejector with an independent bracket (column), please make sure that the foot screw or the bottom plate is firmly fixed on the ground, so as to reduce disturbing vibration.

8. Keep the spare parts inventory, especially the spare parts that are easy to wear, so as to shorten the downtime caused by the damage of the spare parts.

Checkweigher is a kind of weighing equipment used in automated production lines that can dynamically detect whether the product weight is qualified. Its high accuracy and fast speed are favored by manufacturers and have become indispensable equipment on the production line. If you want to know more about the automatic checkweigher after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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