What Factors Do You Need to Consider when Choosing a High-speed Checkweigher?

What Factors Do You Need to Consider when Choosing a High-speed Checkweigher?


By reading this article, you can get the factors that need to be considered when choosing a high-speed automatic checkweigher, so that you can choose a product that meets your actual needs.

the structure and performance of the high-speed checkweigher
The high-speed automatic checkweigher is a device that realizes high-speed, high-precision weight detection and automatically sorts out light or heavy products under the dynamic conditions of the production line. It is used in various fields such as food, medicine, daily chemicals, and plastics.

The high-speed automatic checkweigher can be used to detect all products on the production line, and comprehensively display production data such as production quantity, batch tracking, total weight, effective weight, and reject weight. It can greatly improve product quality and optimize production processes, thereby controlling costs, eliminating waste, and increasing corporate profits.

At present, with the development of food, medicine, and other industries and the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, high-speed automatic checkweighers are also facing higher requirements, including production technology, production standards, high precision, reliable quality, and a wealth of options, etc. So for users who are about to purchase online automatic weighing systems, you need to pay attention to the following aspects of the checkweigher.

The complexity of equipment operation
Friendly interface, convenient operation, and the ability to quickly change product types or new products are conditions that many users attach great importance to when screening equipment.
The equipment has a high degree of automation and simple operation, which is conducive to the operation of the operator, and it is also more convenient to use, without the need for special training.

Function to save production data
As far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, with the increase in the intensity of unannounced inspections, the data integrity of pharmaceutical products must be guaranteed. The high-speed automatic checkweigher should have a stable quality statistical control function, and at the same time can ensure that it helps users complete equipment certification and quality management.

The accuracy of the checkweigher
In addition to the quality of the equipment, the accuracy of the checkweigher is also an issue that users are very concerned about. However, accuracy is related to many factors.
For example, the heavier the product weight, the worse the accuracy; the faster the product passes, the worse the accuracy; product physical properties and transmission status will also affect the accuracy of the product. In addition, air movement, ground vibration, and extreme temperatures can also affect accuracy.

Feedback control function
The feedback control of the automatic checkweigher means that the checkweigher can judge whether the packaging volume is within the control range through the detected product weight. The amount returns to the control range.

The simplicity of maintenance 

Equipment maintenance is very important, and regular maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment. But if the equipment itself is more difficult to maintain, it is easy to cause confusion to users.

In response to user needs, some manufacturers of high-speed checkweighers have optimized the simplicity of maintenance. For example, the buckle design of the transmission belt is easy to disassemble and replace, and the transmission belt is of good quality and long life, and it does not need to be replaced frequently.

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