How to Reduce the Measurement Error of the Dynamic Checkweigher on the Assembly Line?

How to Reduce the Measurement Error of the Dynamic Checkweigher on the Assembly Line?


This article summarizes some methods for users to reduce the measurement error of the dynamic checkweigher, and can provide some reference opinions for everyone in the process of using it.

some methods for users to reduce the measurement error of the dynamic checkweigher
The dynamic checkweigher is mainly composed of electronic components and a weighing frame. It is used to detect whether the weight of the tested product in the product production line meets the requirements or classify the tested product according to the weight level.

The dynamic checkweigher is a dynamic weighing system, which is different from the static weighing of the balance. It performs 100% online weighing of the products passed on the production line, and at the same time classifies, screens, or rejects the products according to the preset values.

The dynamic checkweigher, which is frequently used in assembly line production, needs to run for several hours without stopping every day, during which a large number of products need to be transported uninterruptedly, and some minor failures will inevitably occur. Therefore, we have summarized some targeted troubleshooting methods for the error problem of the online checkweigher, so that users can refer to it in use.
1. The instantaneous flow of the checkweigher fluctuates greatly. Solution: align the conveyor belt with the centerline of the pallet;

2. The zero point is too high. Solution: It is necessary to regularly maintain the online weight detection system and clean up and adjust the zero operation;

3. The measurement error is large. Solution: Check whether the solid structure of the assembly line weighing equipment is firmly installed, correct the position of the conveyor belt, measure whether the distance of the weighing bridge is appropriate, whether the instantaneous flow is normal, etc.;

4. The output value fluctuates frequently. Solution: It needs to align the belt with the centerline of the pallet, and then re-calibrate;

5. The repeatability is not good during calibration. Solution: If the speed signal of the online weight detector is abnormal, it means that the weighing signal is unstable. Check whether the load cell terminal is in good contact;

6. There is no cumulative value with the load. Solution: Clean up the dust in the material box on the conveyor belt scale body, and keep the surface of the weighing conveyor belt clean.
At the same time, we have to do the following two things in our daily operations:

1. Level correction

Check whether the horizontal position of the scale body of the online weight detector is balanced. If the position is inclined, please adjust the scale feet to place the level in the center position.

2. Clean the scale body

The specific method is to cut off the power supply and unplug the power cord. Soak the gauze and wring it dry, then dip a little neutral cleaning fluid, and use it to clean the weight sorting scale tray, the display filter, and the surface part of the sorting scale body.

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