The Correct Steps for Each Operation of the Checkweigher

The Correct Steps for Each Operation of the Checkweigher


This article will introduce the correct execution steps of each operation of the checkweigher to prevent the weight error caused by the improper operation of the equipment.

he common faults of checkweighers in operation and the corresponding reasons,
Different from the static weighing of the balance, the checkweigher is to do 100% online weighing of the products passing through the production line, and at the same time, according to the preset value, the products are classified, screened, or rejected. In order to ensure the final weight accuracy of the product, we must use the correct steps in the following operations.

Boot operation

Turn on the power, turn the knob switch to the "on" position, and the touch screen of the electric control box will display the initialization interface. The technician logs in to the current product create a new product, sets the parameters, starts the checkweighing data query, shuts down, and selects the product to start up.

The correct time parameters can effectively help users to check the production check-weighing results, related production parameter changes, and alarm information, which helps to improve the production qualification rate and production speed and reduce production consumption.

The ratio between the current actual checkweighing speed and the currently set checkweighing speed represents the effective working ratio of the checkweigher; the larger the ratio, the higher the effective use ratio of the checkweigher, but it is forbidden to reduce the setting in order to deliberately increase the effective use ratio of the check weight.

The weight display area of the checkweigher displays the real-time weight value in the stopped state and displays the checkweighing result in the running checkweighing state until the next time the object is put on the stage.

Clear operation

If the real-time weight value displayed on the touch screen is not zero when the checkweigher is stopped (the zero mark is off), click "Clear" to clear the weighing platform, so that the real-time weight value is displayed as zero. This indicates that it is lit.

If the checkweigher shows that the weight remains unchanged, the stable flag will be on, otherwise, the stable flag will be off (the stable flag is only related to the weight status, and has nothing to do with whether the checkweigher is running or not and the size of the weight value).

Start action

Click "start" on the touch screen to start the checkweigher, and the check weighing motor drives the checkweighing belt to rotate. At this time, the running sign on the touch screen is in the "running" state, and the check weighing operation can be started at this time.

Stop operation

Click "stop" on the touch screen to stop the check-weighing belt to end the check-weighing process, and the operation mark on the touch screen is in the "stopped" state.

Power off operation

Rotate the rotary switch to the "off" position, the touch screen will turn off, and the power will be disconnected. The above operations can only be performed when there is no check weighing product on the checkweigher.

User login

In the initial interface of the touch screen, click "product" or "settings" to pop up the password login box, enter the 6-digit password and click "confirm" to log in. The 6-digit factory default password is "000000".

Product selection and documentation

1. Set new product parameters

On the product list page, click "add product" to jump to the "product parameters" interface to add new product parameters. The newly added product number will be sequentially added to the existing products, and there is no need to select the product number.

The new product number cannot be added during the check weigher operation; the newly added product parameter values are the default initial values of the system and need to be set according to the actual parameters of the product and production requirements.

2. Change product parameters

On the product list page, select the product whose parameters need to be modified in the product list, and click "product parameters" to enter the product parameter interface to modify the selected product parameters (the newly added product directly jumps to the product parameter interface).

The standard weight is the weight of the product that needs to be checked, and the upper and lower limits are the allowable deviation value of the qualified product; if the product packaging weight does not need to be calculated, the product packaging weight can be written in the gross weight column, and the standard weight column should be filled with net weight.

The product number is automatically generated by the system; the linear speed of the belt is calculated from the detection speed, which changes with the change of the detection speed, and cannot be filled in (the linear speed of the belt should be consistent with the linear speed of the front and rear conveyor mechanisms).

The compensation weight difference is calculated by dynamic calibration, and it is generally forbidden to manually change it to prevent the deviation between the product check weight and the actual weight.

When filling in product parameters, you should pay attention to the value range. Generally, if the parameter value is lower than the lower limit of the parameter range, the parameter value will remain unchanged, and if it is higher than the upper limit of the parameter range, the upper limit value of the parameter range will be written by default.

3. Delete product parameters

On the product list page, select the product to be deleted, and click "delete product" to delete the product. After deleting the product, the following product parameters will move forward in order, and the product number will move forward.

The product cannot be deleted during the checkweighing process of the checkweigher; in order to prevent the product parameters from being deleted by mistake, the product name should be set reasonably when setting the product parameters.

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