For Standing Product Checkweigher Food Industry
For Standing Product Checkweigher Food Industry
For Standing Product Checkweigher Food Industry
For Standing Product Checkweigher Food Industry
For Standing Product Checkweigher Food Industry
For Standing Product Checkweigher Food Industry

Item specifics

checkweigher scales display graduation
Checkweigher machine checkweigher range
checkweigher accuracy
Rejection device
air blowing type, push rod type
Rejection device
lever type, up and down flap optional;
Number of automatic checkweigher sections
standard 2 sections, optional 3 sections;



Using For standing product checkweigher, you can:
Checkweigher machine has short weight determination time and high recognition accuracy.
The checkweigher system uses modern high-speed and high-precision digital filtering algorithms.
Checkweigher equipment communication option and host computer data sharing and control are ideal partners to realize Industry 4.0.

For standing product checkweigher advantage:
Dynamic weighing scale is SYNDAR's new online For standing product checkweigher,The in line checkweigher is suitable for various high-level product inspections and can accept product diversification.

100% online inspection of each product to avoid penalties caused by poor quality.
Checkweigher conveyor design can adjust parameters to front-end packaging equipment through weighing detection feedback.
checkweigher definition: optimize and improve the production process, provide equipment operation efficiency and save materials
Product number
Display index
Checkweighing range
1- 500g
2- 2000g
Checkweighing accuracy
± 0.2-0.5g
± 0.3-0.8g
± 0.5-1g
Weighing section size
L 300mm*W 230mm
L:350mm*W 230mm
L 400mm*W 230mm
Applicable product size
Weighing control system
Use SYNDAR weighing controller system V1.15
Belt speed
20-50 kinds
Rejection device
Air blowing type, push rod type, lever type, up and down flaps are optional;
Number of checkweighing sections
Standard 2 sections, optional 3 sections;
Standard technical parameters
Power supply: standard single-phase AC200~240V, 50/60Hz, 0.4KW, optional three-phase AC380V, 50/60Hz, 0.4KW
Air source: dry 0.5~0.8MPa (5~8bar)
Temperature: Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃, storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
Humidity: 10~90%RH, no condensation
Protection level: IP30, IP54, IP65 optional
Noise: ≤75db
Machine weight: ≈60kg
Working height: 750±50mm (confirm when ordering other heights)
checkweigher load cell: aluminum, stainless steel optional
Roller: Aluminum
Structure: stainless steel 304,
belt checkweigher conveyor belt: white, food grade, polyurethane thermoplastic (TPU)
Product size chart
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
Maximum processing capacity of checkweigher software: 200 packages per minute (depending on the product and surrounding environment)
SYNDAR technology is the industry's leading checkweigher manufacturers, providing users with checkweigher food industry customization.
In line Checkweighers for Food can choose a variety of rejection methods (pneumatic lever or flat push rod) to reject overweight or underweight products
Checkweigher Solutions: food net weight inspection, food missing and less-packed inspection, whole box weight inspection.
Ultra-high-speed online automatic checkweigher detection in electronics, food, case checkweigher and other industries.
The industrial checkweigher is suitable for sorting by weight of stamping parts, die casting machines, spare parts, hardware, etc.
SYNDAR provides special Checkweigher Solutions for products, such as artificial fertilizers, and food for various farm animals.